What is the level of your company in the process of digital transformation

By María Noemí Hernández, July 15, 2019


Currently, companies and organizations around the world are experiencing a change in culture and strategies. This means that they are focusing on improving the experience of their customers and incorporating technological solutions that allow them to be more profitable, effective, among other qualities. In short, they are undergoing a process of digital transformation.

Bill Gates, an American businessman, computer scientist and philanthropist, said some time ago, "the biggest killer of a company, especially in the fast-moving industries, is the refusal to adapt to change".

Where is your company in the process of digital transformation?

According to a report by PMG, a consulting firm specializing in strategic management, change management and market research for the Cámara de Comercio de Santiago, there are different levels of Digital Transformation Evolution. Let's review each of them and draw our own conclusions about our company.

* Analogue:
The lowest level of digital evolution, brings together companies of traditional analog management that show little progress in terms of digitalization.

* Digital beginner:
The second level represents the companies that have taken the first step towards Digital Transformation, characterized by the incorporation of technology and basic digital tools.

* Digital Intermediate:
At this level are the companies that advance towards middle states of transformation, showing relevant advances in all dimensions of the process of Digital Transformation.

* Advanced digital:
Companies that are nearing the end of their Digital Transformation process; are ad portas of having a fully digital business model.

* Digital leader: 
Companies that behave in a completely digital way, that broke with the analogical and traditional way of doing business.

But as we well know, it is impossible to go from analog to digital in the blink of an eye. The transformation process requires time, planning, resources, effort and focus. Whoever does not accept and face this new challenge, runs the great risk of being displaced in their markets. 

At what level is your company or organization?
Are you ready to embrace change? 

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