Should I invest in technology for my company?

By María Noemí Hernández, June 26, 2019


Most production and manufacturing companies are investing in some kind of technology to run their businesses, whether in robotics, new equipment, or software, according to the 4th annual report on the state of technology in production prepared by Plex, The Manufacturing Cloud.

According to this report, in which 150 global manufacturers were surveyed, it is really difficult to grow as a company if the available technologies are not used to improve its operations. And in this sense, the news is good, because it was also evident that manufacturers are increasing their capabilities through investments in technology for the company and its processes.

One of the most interesting and somewhat relevant findings for our industry, graphics, is that technologies are increasingly being leveraged to help address a variety of issues. "Some manufacturers have sought to make changes from within the company, instead of hiring new people, they have turned to key employees to take on new, higher-value roles," indicating greater confidence in the team and technology than had been seen before. As the report points out, it's about giving staff greater access to information by creating new opportunities for employees to avoid staff turnover, especially in tasks where technology can be really effective such as manual cyclical counts, inventory management, software or server maintenance, or business and production reporting.

Based on the above, manufacturers are focusing so that the investment made in technology has a direct impact on the ability of the company to maintain the progress of production efficiently. And the best part is that despite the external threats that industries, and particularly graphics, may be facing, executives are focusing on ways for companies to be better prepared to face those threats. Like, for example, having the best integrated technology that reduces the need to hire people for more manual jobs and still improve profitability.

Have you thought about how technology can have a positive effect on your business? Are you ready to make the leap to industry 4.0?

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