Drop Print: "Digitization has allowed us to be agile without incurring communication errors"

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By María Noemí Hernández, July 22, 2019


Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 10.03.48 AMClarity from the beginning, this way we can define how Drop Print has known how to get on the digitization bandwagon seeking to be agile without "incurring in communication losses or errors".

This has been explained to us by José Miguel Correa F, General Manager, who states that being an organization with a flat structure, they have known how to use technology to simultaneously lead the work, collection and administration. "Without a doubt Twist Print is what keeps us tidy and communicated.

Industry 4.0 is already here and that is not a novelty, the challenge is that companies know how to adapt to this change and thus have an advantage over companies that are more reluctant. Because of this novelty, Drop Print has sought to break the paradigms of the industry, where delays are a habit. "Since we designed the business plan, we understood that an important part of our strategy would be to be fast, this is why we considered a software and the selected one was Twist Print to manage everything in the most optimal way," says the General Manager who affirms that today thanks to the operating system Twist Print they can make deliveries on time and achieve greater clarity in the accounts. 

At present, the competitive advantage of printers is not in the printing machines, but in the systems that have to be able to digitize the processes and generate the relevant information for decision making. "This type of tool has allowed us to improve indicators, especially those related to sales, as we can spend more time on it instead of solving communication problems, errors with our customers, etc," says José Miguel Correa F.

To conclude, the General Manager of Drop Print states that Twist Print is a very powerful tool, but "like any management tool, it requires a total commitment in the organization, it molds to you and you will need to adapt to it, it does not work magic and it is not implemented alone, but it is undoubtedly one of the simplest in the market and once you manage to incorporate it, its benefits are clear and high impact". 

At Twist Print we are very proud to work with a team such as Drop Print, who have found a solution capable of transforming their business into an Industry 4.0.

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