Are you ready? Prepare your team for Industry 4.0

By María Noemí Hernández, July 22, 2019


It's a fact for everyone that Industry 4.0 is here. But it's not too late to prepare; prepare the team and improve the skills of your entire company. An automated and intelligent factory sounds great, it's true, but what does it mean for your employees, the results and the future of your company?

Experts say that one of the biggest myths or fears surrounding Industry 4.0 is the impact it will have on the workforce. What about the uncertainty surrounding job security and the skills that will be needed in the future? The most "risky" jobs are simple, repetitive tasks such as selection and packaging and administrative or office functions.

How to prepare for this revolution?

  • * It is necessary to build a certainty environment within the teams so that they understand that their jobs are safe and there will be a future for them in the company, but potentially in a different role. 
    * Take the time to educate the team with skills they can develop along with the technology. 
    * Work on your team's ability to go beyond the technical skills of their daily work. Deloitte, in a report published in May 2017, identified that 75% of future jobs will require social skills such as critical thinking, curiosity, teamwork, adaptability and persistence. 


One thing we must keep in mind and transmit to our work teams is that the arrival of new technologies does not imply the reduction of jobs. In fact, jobs are growing. Amazon increased its warehouse workforce with more than 100,000 employees in 2017 and continued with similar increases each year. 

We must know how to harness the potential of our people, helping them learn to operate new technologies and maintain them so they can grow with the business as technology becomes better integrated.


How is your company facing this revolution? Do you think your work team is ready or do they still believe in the myths around Industry 4.0??

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