Ricardo Schaub: "Thanks to Twist Print we have managed to sort budgets"

impresos optima
By María Noemí Hernández, June 12, 2019


RICARDO SCHAUBImpresora Optima is a family business founded in 1978 that in search of streamlining processes, facilitating and standardizing budgets, decided in 2017 to implement Twist Print in its plant.

According to Ricardo Schaub, General Manager, this operating system for the graphic industry has provided order in each of their workflows, as well as allowing them to have at hand the information of what is happening in the plant in real time.

Its more than 15 employees have benefited from the organization's budgets and new way of working. "If I could describe Twist Print in three words it would be order, standardisation and simplicity, the latter to the extent that it is clear that it is a working tool and that people should look at the details," says Schaub.

At Impresora Optima they see Twist Print as an important work tool that has helped achieve important workflow goals. "We are still working to achieve this at the sales level as well," says its General Manager.


We congratulate Impresora Optima for their commitment and high orientation to the achievement of Twist Print's hand!


You too can start to monitor your printing plant and achieve greater profitability. Welcome to industry 4.0.

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