Operating System for the Printing Industry ®

Twist Print is a 100% online platform. It has an intuitive interface that allows you to digitize operations and simplify management of your business so you can focus on the most important things:

- Increasing sales

- Controling costs

- Attending to the needs of your clients



Our development and implementation teams are obsessed with simplicity and ease-to-run on usage and launch.

Intuitive interface and automated logic that connects the entire organization around the most important goal: your clients.

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Welcome to the Industry 4.0

Twist Print is the only Operating System (OS) for the Printing Industry. We want to share with you how after implementation companies in different countries have achieved their goals, saved costs and increased productivity and profitability.
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Some of our customers

Some Automation Examples


  • Automated estimating tool (automode algorithm)
  • Virtual commercial manager (automated control of exception and discounts)
  • Optimization of paper, plates, and press time

Job Order:

  • Automated generation of job tickets
  • Automated generation of purchase orders 
  • Integration with accounting ERP: receive and issue accounting documents.


  • Automated control of inventory and re-stock orders.

3rd Parties:

  • Control and automated management of external service suppliers.

Automated Scheduling

  • Automated planning of the entire plant’s production.

Floor Control:

  • Real-time alerts of production.
  • Problem alerts.
  • Real-time status of every order


  • Optimized routes and real-time fleet control


  • Automated generation of maintenance tasks and postponement alerts.


  • Automated alerts for business key functions.
  • Control your plant from your smartphone, wherever you are.


  • Gamification in all stations, for plant’s self-management.


  • Commercial printing
  • Editorial printing
  • Label printing
  • Packaging printing
  • Wide Format