Keys to a successful software implementation

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By María Noemí Hernández, June 5, 2019

As we well know, technology is a fundamental tool to optimize the functioning of all departments of a company, but it is vital the involvement and commitment of the human factor. The implementation of an operating system in the company must be done with time, dedication and without leaving anything to chance.

A team with values such as respect and responsibility is key to achieve an effective implementation. Experts point out that approximately 50% of implementations fail the first time, and this is due to the resistance to change on the part of the employees. Many see change as a threat to their job, which makes them reject it and not strive as it should be.


What to do when you are going to implement an operating system?

This time we will focus on an operating system for a traditionally artisanal industry such as the printing industry.


Overcoming resistance to change

This phenomenon, which is present both at an organizational and personal level, we have all experienced it to a greater or lesser degree, is something common. As a species, we like habits and anxiety generates changes. The implementation of an operating system that controls everything within a printing plant directly impacts the daily way of working. You can hear phrases like: "If this is always how I did it and it works, why do I have to change it?

Therefore, it is very important that as leaders we communicate the achievements and benefits that both the company and the collaborators are going to have with the implementation of an operating system that optimizes and simplifies the processes. Involving workers can also be another measure so that change is not seen as a threat but as an opportunity for growth for all.


Take the time to listen to all the doubts

An initial meeting with the team is not enough to introduce a new operating system. You should be aware of any concerns that workers may have and do whatever it takes to resolve them. Adapting to change is much easier if they feel part of the process and if their fears are clarified.


List current problems and how the operating system will support them

It is crucial that all teams keep in mind what is not working in the company, what are the leaks and failures there are so that they understand the importance of making the change.


If the team is committed to the project, the necessary adjustments are made in order to finally have an efficient operating system that is ready to be implemented quickly. In summary, we could say that the keys to a successful implementation within a graphics industry are:

* Teamwork

* Planning

* Commitment

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