What cookies are for and how they are used

They are very low weight files related to your web browser. They capture part of your browsing behavior to help us provide you with a better service.

How we use cookies

Some cookies are essential so you can use and browse our platform. Others help us to make some tasks faster, such as when your email address is completed without you having to write it or your preferences are remembered. And there are others that help us improve our service and functionality and eventually show you content that may be especially interesting for you.
Use of Marketing: This function informs us about the Twist Print functions that most interest you. We can use this information to show you promotions or offers that you may find interesting. Eventually we could share this information with partners who also have relevant information to show you. If you deactivate them, we will not be able to show you relevant information such as special promotions or offers.

Use essential to the performance and performance of Twist: These cookies are for Twist to work. Some allow us to make the use more secure and have faster functionalities. Others help us so that Twist can remember things such as your language preference and other related things. Finally, they are also important to create an exceptional user experience because we can learn how you use the platform.